5 Major Metropolitan Traps For The Motorbike Rider

To ride a motorbike in Chiang Mai is not same as being a motorcyclist in Bangkok. Here are some recommendations for driving a scooter in Chiang Mai.

5 Major Metropolitan Traps For The Scooter Rider
Thailand roads by Pixabay.com

5 recommendations for motorbike riders

#1. Don’t listen to anyone who says you can drive without a license – It is illegal to do so. If you have an accident, you could be in for a lot more trouble than just a simple injury.

#2. When you drive on the left – be careful when you are on the left of a tuk-tuk or a shared taxi. They pull over quickly and often without looking. The same goes for many other vehicles on the road.

#3. Do not drive without insurance – accidents and injuries come with a high price tag especially when you are a foreigner. Insurance companies will check for a proper and valid driver’s license before they pay out the coverage.

#4. Don’t be a lemming – just because everyone else is doing it does it mean it is legal or the right thing to do. Do not follow the crowd but take the right steps to protect yourself as you drive in Thai cities.

#5. Do not drink do drugs and drive – again, protect yourself at all costs. Drinking, drugs & driving do not go together

Some Final Words

One of the first lessons any traveler needs to learn is that a different country is not like back home. Driving in a foreign city helps you learn that lesson real quick. What you can do in your home city may not work in Thailand.

The rules of the road are very different as are the attitudes of the drivers. Foreigners do not get the benefit of the doubt.