8 Main Rules on The Roads of Thailand That Will Someday Save Your Life

Can be an adventure and fun. But Thailand is not like other countries. It is one of the most dangerous places to ride a motorcycle. Here are some tips to help guide you when you want to ride in Thailand.

8 Main Rules on The Roads of Thailand That Will Someday Save Your Life

8 rules to follow

  1. Don’t be a beginner – You need to know what you are doing to be a motorcyclist in Thailand
  2. Make sure your tank is full – You do not want to be caught in a forest area far from town with an empty gas tank.
  3. Know the traffic rules – Knowing what you can and cannot do is a lifesaver.
  4. Expect anything to happen – You never know when someone is going to do something stupid. They may also be coming towards you in your lane. Be alert and stay alive.
  5. The right lane is not the slow lane – Stay out of this lane because it is reserved for bigger, faster-moving vehicles which will be annoyed that you are slowing them down.
  6. Have the hotel phone number – You never know when an emergency may arise. Having someone to call who speaks both English and Thai is a great lifesaver.
  7. Wear protective head and face gear – Protecting yourself is vital. A good face shield will keep the bugs out of your eyes.
  8. Use the only reliable car and motorcycle rentals. For example, in Chiang Mai, I use only Cat Motors to rent a motorbike and Budget Catcher car rentals.

It pays to follow the rules

Not just in Thailand but in other countries as well. Protecting yourself from life-threatening accidents means that you need to follow the rules of the local road. These rules will change from country to country, but they are designed to keep your journey a safe one

Following all the rules properly will save your life and help you enjoy your trip.