How To Choose a Scooter For a Country Trip

It pays to have a good scooter for yourself. You do not want a worn out used one or something that will break down at the first pothole. No matter where you go, if you ride northern Thailand or some other location, having a good scooter will save you a lot of trouble.

How To Choose a Scooter For a Country Trip
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Tips on what to look for

It pays to have some good tips to guide you as you search for the right motorbike to ride in Northern Thailand.

  1. Power – 50cc may be economical, but it may not have the power you need to go up those hilly forest roads. Make sure the scooter you choose has more than enough power. For a trip to northern Thailand, the best choice is 125cc.
  2. Gas is better than electric – There are more gas stations in Thailand than electrical outlets. You cannot plug your electrical scooter into a tree to recharge.
  3. Luxuries are not always king – You pay more for the highly equipped motor scooters. Don’t waste money on buying features you do not need but jack up the price.
  4. Don’t overspend – A high price tag may not equal great quality. It may mean you have been taken for a ride by a smart motorbike salesman.
  5. Weight capacity – The heavier the load, the slower the scooter can go. You want one that will carry all the weight you put on it with ease without sacrificing speed or power.

Some Final Words

When you want to ride in northern Thailand, it pays to have the best possible scooter. You will suffer fewer breakdowns, access more gas stations and enjoy the ride better. Motorbike travel in Thailand is hard enough already. Don’t add to those difficulties with an inferior scooter. Buy the best one possible for the right price.