Safety Tips For The Survival Of a Motorcyclist On a Wet Road

Riders should take care and learn some safety tips before venturing out on their next motorbike ride. Riding a motorcycle is not always a safe activity, and when wet roads appear, the ride becomes a little more dangerous.

Rules For The Survival Of a Motorcyclist On a Wet Road
29 Jun 2008, Nairn and Hyman, Ontario, Canada — Accident on the Trans Canada Highway, near Nairn Centre, Ontario, Canada on June 29, 2008. The motorcycle driver was an off duty police officer who had a fatal head on collision with an oncoming vehicle. — Image by © Thomas Fricke/Corbis

Here are some safety tips to follow when you ride on wet roads.

5 Safety tips

#1. Select the right clothing – Waterproof clothing is a must if you are going to ride in the rain. It makes motorbike riding comfortable. The most important piece of equipment you should have is a motorcycle helmet that has an anti-fog visor and a breath guard feature.

#2. Change riding habits – Wet roads mean that you need to take care when you shift, add power to the motor and so on. You need to adjust your riding style as well as apply your brakes gradually.

#3. Watch for oil on the road – One of the worst places for the oil spill is at intersections. Cars leak oil when they are idling at the light, so you need to slow down as you go through an intersection.

#4. Watch for road hazards – We do not mean animals or potholes that are easily seen. Instead, you should watch out for pavement sealer and manhole covers. Both of these road hazards reduce traction. Don’t apply brakes or accelerate when going over either.

#5. Ride the dry spots – If the weather has dried up, but there are still wet road conditions, ride those parts of the road that have already dried. Get off the wet road and be safe.

Some Final Words

You do not have to keep your motorcycle in the garage when it rains. If you follow the safety tips and take care, a wet road is not going to be a problem for you.