Thailand – The Most Dangerous Country for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle riding is already dangerous. That is because they are hard to see, ride in small spaces, and can go at very high speeds. Their two wheels lack stability a car brings which adds to the danger of riding a motorcycle. Especially in Thailand, and that’s why…

Thailand - The Most Dangerous Country for Motorcyclists

Some countries are more dangerous country for motorcyclists than others

It is sad that riding motorbikes in Thailand is one of the most dangerous things a motorcyclist can do. The reason for that is the country’s congested roads. These traffic conditions bring up to 15 motorcycle deaths a day.

Another reason for this dangerous situation is that Thai people purchase over 1.7 million motorcycles in one year. They bought more than twice as many motorcycles than cars in one year. A ride in Thailand may well turn out to be a motorcyclist’s last ride.

Another reason for this dangerous label

In most countries, a mandatory motorcycle helmet law is in effect. These laws make it mandatory for motorcycle riders to wear helmets every time they are on a motorcycle. Yet in Thailand, only about 53% of motorcycle riders wear helmets.

This statistic is overshadowed by the fact that only 7% of all children on a motorcycle wear a helmet. A motorcycle ride in Thailand is not for the faint-hearted.

Thailand is taking steps

To rid themselves of this most dangerous label. The government is working with different agencies to promote safe riding habits. These include the need to wear a helmet when using a motorbike in Thailand. Plus, how to use the safety features on a motorbike correctly.

Thailand also has a mandatory helmet law, but it is not properly enforced.

Some Final Words

No one is saying not to ride a motorbike in Thailand. But if you want to be safe and make it out of the country alive, be prepared to face different riding habits when you ride in Thailand.