Why Electric Scooter Is Not Good Idea For Travelers

Doesn’t always apply when it comes to motorcycle riding especially when you hit those hilly roads. Motorbikes with electric motors just do not make the grade. Here are nine downsides or cons to owning an electric scooter.

Why Electric Scooter Is Not Good Idea For Travelers

9 flipsides of electric motorcycle motors

  • Countries are not made for less power – An electric scooter in Thailand does not work due to the lack of technology.
  • Higher purchase price – Electric bikes are just too expensive to purchase. Gas bikes are more economical
  • Lack of range – Electric motorbikes do not have the range that a gas-powered bike has. There are no outlets on a forest road to power up and continue your journey
  • Longtime charge battery – In other words instead of just gassing up and going, you have to wait hours before the battery is ready to power your ride.
  • Safety issues – There are more safety problems with an electric motor than a gas powered one.
  • Pedal power – When the charge goes, you are left to manually get your bike where you need to go. For electric scooters, Thailand offers more than enough dangers to add to the list.
  • Theft problems – The high price of electric motorcycles makes them a popular target for thieves.
  • Maintenance issues – Spare parts cost more because electronic motorcycles are rare.
  • Insurance costs – Keeping your insurance rates down if you travel will be a problem. Especially if you travel to high crime countries.

Some Final Words

These cons paint a pretty bleak picture of traveling with your electronic scooter. Most countries are not equipped to handle the needs that an electric scooter brings. Traveling with your electric scooter will probably create more problems than the ones they solve environmentally.